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The Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement between People, 01.12.2002

The offence-defense cycle

by Ghassan Andoni

Why aren't we going public against Suicide attacks?

So many people are writing to us about this issue. Some are demanding, others are accusing, and many are wondering. Why do Palestinians who stand for peace and justice fail to stand firmly against attack on innocent civilians?

1 - Different from others we are not slaves to mass media images. We see and experience more than what mass media want us to see. Being able to see the whole picture, we do not focus our sight at one spot and ignore all others. As we see the whole picture, we will not join in the effort of blinding people by just focusing on one spot.

2 - We believe that two wrongs do not add to right and one wrong does not justify another one. And when we talk about all the wrongs we are accused of being Hippocratic. We feel that there is a dictation on what we should see, how we should feel, and even how we should phrase our statements so that we can pass the test.

3 - We see this as supporting a false image and encouraging the fascist right wing Israelis to step up their campaign of ethnic cleansing against Palestinians.

4 - An attack by a militant Palestinian group on Israeli Civilians does not justify an Israeli army attack against Palestinian civilians and visa versa. Both are equally wrong and there is no way to define a starting point to this cycle.

5 - As much as it is wrong to turn Tel Aviv or Jerusalem streets into a battle field, the same applies to the streets of Nablus, Gaza, and the narrow paths of Jenin refugee camp. All are residential areas and all are inhabited by innocent civilians.

6 - Military occupation is more dangerous than terrorism because the first breeds the second and not the other way around.

Therefore, when we fight for peace and justice, we aim at ending the occupation. If terrorism and violence continues after that, it will be both inhuman and pointless and we will be the first to firmly fight it even with more determination. Any one who thinks ending violence will end occupation did not read the past 40 years carefully. Therefore we urge all, but firstly Israelis to join us in our struggle to end the occupation. This is the necessary step to overcome all warlords and build the solid bases for our future peaceful and cooperative relations. Whining about violence will not solve the problem. Inviting peace lovers from both sides of the conflict to step into the battle field is what is needed to end this cycle.

The Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement between People
64 Star Street, P.O.Box 24
Beit Sahour - Palestine
Tel: 02-277-2018

The center is a non-profit making NGO, started in 1988 during the first Intifada. PCR runs community service programs, youth empowerment and training programs. PCR is also very much involved in the non-violent resistance against the Israeli Occupation to Palestine.

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